Weight gain or loss: A puzzle or simple math

Ruhul Kuddus Naim

No matter what weight you have it’s pretty common that you want change your weight.Few people want to increase their weight, few want to decrease it and others are lucky enough that they are completely happy with their weight. If you have ever transformed your body shape by increasing or decreasing weight. Then commonly you have faced two situation. 1. People saying that they have tried a lot but it’s not possible for them to change their weight only lucky people can change it, you will hear it when you will about to start planning about the weight change. 2. After you have transformed your body shape people ask you “Tell me your secret or give me your diet plan or tell me how you have increased or decreased your weight”.

Now, before you give suggestion about weight change or even when you need to plan for body transformation, you need to know few things. Firstly you have to know your body type. Yes, 97% do not realize the importance of it and mostly people do not know how many body types are there. There are 3 body types

  1. Ectomorph: they are the one who try hard to increase their weight. Because they poses genetically a body type where they have Skinny appearance, their metabolism rate is fast or high BMR, they Can eat whatever they want but still look skinny, their stomach gets full easily, they face difficulty in building muscle and gaining weight, they have Low body fat etc. Bruce lee and Cameron Diaz are example of this class.
  2. Endomorph: they are the one who crave for losing weight. Sometimes, we make fun of them by saying you guys will be fat even if you intake air. Because they poses genetically a body type where they are just the opposite of ectomorph. Which means large body frame, lower BMR or slower metabolism, high fat accumulation, faces difficulty in losing weight and easily gain weight etc. Jennifer Lopez and Adnan Sami are example of this class.
  3. Mesomorph: this is the most desirable body type of all. Because they are genetically blessed with body type where they have larger muscles and body structure but less fat in body, small waist, eats moderately, can gain muscle easily and can burn fat also easily

So, without knowing your body type your diet or exercise plan can never be perfect or fruitful.

Secondly, you have to know your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) it’s the amount of energy that your body uses for functioning while you are not doing anything or taking rest (energy needed for 24 hours to rest).  BMR is dependent on your body type, age, gender, height etc. they are plenty of websites where you can input your information and get possible BMR. Now, when you know your BMR you know if you even rest all day how much calorie will used by your body.

Thirdly, you have to know minimum basics about food calories. Now, you can get a readymade diet plan from you gym instructor or a dietician but even if you get that it’s better to make a list of foods and calories in those fat secret and Google itself will be quite enough to get these informations.

Fourthly, know the amount of calorie burn in the exercises you are planning to do, walking is one of best for all type of people. Sprint is the most intense one for fat loss, and weight training is for muscle building or weight gaining.

Process of weight loss or gain:

If you have gained knowledge about all of the 4 elements then now you are ready to plan and work for you weight change. The 1st thing we need to decide is how much calorie to intake per day and how much to burn. Here, suppose your BMR is 1500 calorie and you do other exercise or works that burns about 500 calorie in a day. Overall your body is using 2000 calorie. Now, if you want to increase your weight you have to eat 2000+ calorie foods in total in 24 hours. If you want to maintain the weight you already have then you have to intake foods in total which will carry 2000 calorie sharp. Finally if you want to lose weight you have to intake foods in total that has less than 2000 calorie. 1200-1600 calorie diet is recommended normally for weight loss programs. So, for increasing body fat by 1kg around 9000 calories must be deposited in your body and oppositely for burning I kg of fat you need to burn 9000 calories.

Tips and few precaution: 

  1. Don’t give up just by comparing others progress with your one. Because your body transformation will be largely dependent of your genetics and your body type.
  2. Expect result according to your body type characteristics.
  3. Weight gain of loss in both cases 4kg weight change is the highest amount of change that physician appreciates. Even 2 kg change in weight is very good.
  4. Do not eat high calorie foods and keep your stomach empty. Try to eat calorie dense foods as much as possible, try to divide you target calories of the day in portions around 4-5 meals a day.
  5. Concentrate on portions you are having for weight loss or gain in both case protein should be 40% of your diet and do not avoid fats totally, your body needs that. Do not think about starving or not taking food for long time because that will reduce your metabolism rate.
  6. Do not concentrate on weight rather concentrate on body fat and muscle. If your weight is not decreasing but your waist or fat is reducing that is also progress. If your weight is becomes stable then recalculate and plan again.Since your body weight changes your BMR also changes.
  7. Have patience while you try for body transformation. Too rapid change is highly risky for your body and the change is highly likely to be reversible.
  8. Remember body transformation takes the determination, the mentality to sacrifice and patience. If you have these surely you will succeed.

S.M. Ruhul Qudus Naim is a graduate teaching assistant and graduate pharmacist in Bangladesh. He has completed his graduation under department of Pharmacy, East West University. He can be reached at  ruhulqudusnaim@gmail.com,

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