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Nowadays parents strongly believe that if their baby is sick, there is no other way but only drug can cure their beloved baby. As drug is a foreign substance, it is not always safe . Most importantly the organs of the baby are not so matured and lack proper enzymes to do proper metabolism of the drug.

Most of us do not know “getting disease” for baby is important because the immune system of the baby is getting stronger by this process. The baby may be ill for some days, but its good effect is for lifetime. The more disease attacks the baby, the more the baby gets stronger.According to WHO the 2/3 drugs are unimportant for the child which are prescribed.

Fever, diarrhea& common cold are typical symptoms for which parents get frightened. The pathetic matter is sometimes parents insist doctor to give their child some drugs. By using those drugs, their baby is actually losing its natural immune system. The baby will be dependent on drugs which will effect badly in future.

According to a report of UNICEF Diarrhea causes death for 4 million child every year .If we spend only 50 cent per baby to buy required food and oral saline, we can save 2 million lives .It is strictly prohibited to prescribe any antidiarrheal medicine like loperamide and diphenoxylate for the patient under 12.

When the baby gets common cold or fever, antihistamine is prescribed. This causes nothing but deep sleep. Parents think that their baby may become well. But actually not .It produce nothing but sedative effect which will cause dangerous effects to him .The most common abuse for the child is antibiotic drug which is used for some virus attack . Normally virus causing diseases are cured naturally. So what is the reason behind prescribing antibiotic for virus attack? As there is no drug against virus in the local market, it does not mean we will use antibiotic instead of this .If the baby has fever,the baby should be kept in a cool room,he should be given plenty of fluids to avoid dehydration and a sponge bath in lukewarm water may make child feel more comfortable.

The health of a baby is mostly dependent on parents how they treat their child. They should be aware of the basic information about health. They should know how to make proper balanced diet for their baby. Prevention is better than cure .There is no pill for every ill .That is why Sir William Oslar said, “One of the first duties of the physician is to educate the masses not to take medicine”

We should never forget that drugs not only cure disease but also sometimes creates disease. In the developed countries there are plenty of organizations who teaches pregnant women how to treat their future baby .Every Parents should have some basic medical knowledge which will make their baby fit and eventually this fit baby will make a fit nation.

Samit Islam Rudra  is a student of depertment of Pharmacy, East West University. He can be reached at

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