Every Diabetic Patients Should Take Care Of Their Foots


In most of the cases, of all the organs of our body the ones we care about the least are the legs. Most of the people are not concern about their legs and but in case of the disease like diabetics it is like to invite the risk if legs are not taken care of. it creates great danger in diabetes if we don’t take care of our legs.Old diabetic patients on a long-term  often faces a problem is that the loss of  blood flow and nerve damage to the legs. Due to nerve damage in the leg-burning, uncontrolled feeling, a feeling of being thrust thrust, foot has not felt any pain that happens these kinds of things. The problem is that if barriers to the flow of blood to the rest of the pain, especially at night and ankle pain when walking in cold conditions.

Every year, due to various problems related to diabetic patients- foot, legs, fingers, feet had to be amputated. but if legs are taken care of, one can get relief from this sufferings. So the habit of personal cleanliness should be maintained. Epsom salt and washing soda should not be used in foot bath. if any cut leg torn and cracked are seen patients should be taken care of their legs so that further any infections cannot be occurred. For dry feet itching and burning has been seen.

It can be removed by keeping the skin moist feet. Wearing the shoes that do not fall under the size of the leg and foot rings also Corn and calluses can be free from unwanted result. If a lots of pressure is given in legs due to the weight or stand for a long time , or due to the wearing small size of shoes can create accumulation of calcium which causes ankle and toe pain. so it is very important to rest the feet of diabetic patients .

During diabetes, leg blood flow may be reduced. Legs do not feel any sense of the leg and could not understand anything. The numbness of the feet has been seen due to low blood flow which causes a variety of problems.in that case patients should see a doctor if the pain and problems are become severe. Geriatric diabetic patients have to suffer various physical problems more than others patients and their  Physical strength is not like before for this reason they cannot take care of themselves.

With increasing the age, the skin tends to be thin, elasticity decrease and the skin problems grown up. Most of the old times, they cannot cut their toe nails because of their eye problems. So the young people of their family can help to take care of the legs. Most important things It is better to give up smoking because its disrupts the flow of blood to the feet. Pressed extra socks, shoes or too should refrain from wearing clothing to cover the feet. For a long time sitting can hampered the blood flow is hampered so patients should move the legs and toes for sometimes and have to do physical exercise and should also have to take the proper diet because it will maintain the high sugar level of blood as well.

Fade or yellow toe nails,curved nails,infection inside the skin of the nails,feet,loss of feeling in the time of diabetes should be noticed and with the help of physician or doctor this problem has tobe solved out as early as possible. Foot lotion or oil can be used to keep the skin soft and healthy. If itchy or fungus feet has been came out then one should keep in mind that the treatment should be needed.Diabetic patients should wash their feet in mild and warm water.talcum powder can be used to prevent infection between the toes.using pumice stone in an one direction that can reduce skin torn.

Actually Diabetes isn’t a disease, it’s a heterogenous group of metabolic disordered or syndrome which can be characterized hyperglycemia and related to many complication of  bodies. So diabetic patients shouldn’t neglect any kind of problem which happens with the any organs of body.

Sifat Sharmin Shiba is an undergrad student in Department of Pharmacy East West University, Bangladesh. She can be reached at sifatshiba2015@gmail.com

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