Do processed foods matter for our kids?


Every achievement in our life is in vain if our kids become ill. It is our duty to serve our kids better food, clothing and environment and keep them healthy. But our children falls in trouble when we are passing major time in a day outside home to earn money and keep less time to give them homemade food.

At that time, what we do, we buy foods from outside. Most of them are processed food. Pasta, cereal,biscuits, crackers, chips, even yogurt or fruit juices arefilled with various artificial agentswhich increases foods self-life for long period, and stand still tasty with enough sugar and salt in it.According to statistics, average American diet consists of 70% processed food. Study published in the journal BMJ Open shows that about 60% of an American’s daily calories come from “ultraprocessed” food. They defined ultraprocessed foodscontaining ingredients such as colors, flavors, sweeteners, hydrogenated oils, emulsifiers and other additives that we wouldn’t cook with at home. According to Ethical Consumer Market Report 2015, in UK, sales of organic food and drink have been 16% down at 2015 from their peak in 2008.

People around the world are dangerously falling into the processed foods which leads to serious health hazards. For children, they are significantly devastating. Some examples might be more helpful to get the picture. According to a study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, development of insulin resistance due to the concentrations of chemicals (advanced glycationendproducts, or AGEs) can caused by processed foods. And this (Type 2 Diabetes) can ruin your child’s childhood as well as future. In 2011, another study published in the Lancet says, with eliminated processed food children with ADHD observed a significant decrease in ADHD symptoms. But those symptoms intensified again, when the foods were reintroduced.In 2012, a study published in Clinical Epigenetics found that high consumption of additives like high fructose corn syrup contributes to mineral deficiencies which can contribute to autism spectrum disorders.

The processed food manufacturers often make hoax by using words like – organic, reduced calorie, cholesterol free, sugar free, reduced fat, colorful advertisements and so on. That is why you might not always choose healthy food for your kids, even you are thinking your choice was right. They are actually making you to think like that.

There are few tricks to select healthy foods for your kids. One of them is avoid any kind of packaged food as possible. Best option is buy the fresh fruits and vegetables from the farmers market next to you. They are raw, fresh, cheap and most important-healthy.

And it is obvious, everyone is not so lucky to keep farmers market in their choice and have to go to those super-shops to buy foods. Here’s a trick too.  Try to buy those packaged food, where there are smaller list of ingredients on the package. When you look on the ingredients list of a branded cereal, you will see a huge number of ingredients are listed there. Long list of ingredients yields that the food is heavily processed, especially when you can’t recognize them at all.

The ultimate message of this article is we should always feed our child healthy food. And processed food is not a solution of that. We should make our best choice to feed our child. That’s the nobility of homemade food. When we make our food at home, we always think about what is going to the body of our kids. And we have a strong confess and motivation to keep them well and healthy. The manufacturer may not think that way for your kids like you. It is not possible every time, but try your best. That will give more control what you are feeding your kids. ‘Parents’ is a mask of duty and responsibility. Beneath the mask, there are ideas. And ideas are bulletproof.

MdTanvir Islam is a graduate nutritionist & public health specialist. He has completed his gradation under department of Nutrition and Food Technology of Jessore University of Science & Technology and post-graduation under dept. of Public Health at American International University-Bangladesh (AIUB). He has interest on public health and recent health issues. He can be reached at


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