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Do you know about 48 million (older than 12) people are using prescription drugs for a nonmedical reason according to National Institute of Drug Abuse? It happens when a prescribed drug is being used for pleasure. Today it is becoming major and health concern in the USA and several European countries. Most common drugs that are used for being abused such as opioids, tranquilizers, sedatives, and stimulants. From BBC, it was found that the number of prescribed opioid rose from 76 million to 210 million, and also the number of prescribed sedative drugs increased from 4 million to 45 million during the same timeline. Addiction is considered as a brain illness and a form of dangerous physical dependence. You might have a question “why people are addicted toward prescription drugs?” Some proofs stated that nervousness, depression, genetic link, alcoholism, loneliness and peer pressure are considered as factors.

According to National Institute on Drug Abuse, these are three types of classes which indicate the prescription drugs that are being abused

  1. a) Opioids drugs(Morphine, Methadone,etc.) are used for pain treatment. It can also produce drowsiness, nausea, slow breathing. It may also create recreational by affecting the brain.
  2. B) CNS depressant drugs (Xanax, Valium,etc. ) (are often treated for anxiety, panic attack and also in sleep disorder . It also induce slow normal brain function to produce calming effect
  3. c) Stimulant drugs are (Concerta, Daytrana,etc.) used to treat attention, narcolepsy, depression and hyperacidity disorder. It stimulates the activity of norepinephrine and dopamine which increases the blood pressure and heart rate. They also have the ability to induce the euphoric effect.

People who are separated from family and friends and want to spend a lot of time alone are very prone to drug addicted.  They want to feel good or get high to rid of this loneliness. Besides opioids, CNS depressant and stimulant drugs have recreational effect and dependence.

They use prescribed medication in huge quantity. If a physician does not intend to prescribe a refill, then addicted patient tend to go from one to another to search for remedies. Withdrawal symptoms are associated with nervousness, nausea, sweating, vomiting, and dilated the pupil and skin goosebumps, etc. They seem to be extreme mood swing or appearing to be high or sedated. Losing their prescription is a common way so that more prescription will be written. Duration of sleeping might be increased or decreased due to abusing drugs.

Abusing medication can lead to several problems and even to the death. Prescription drugs can be harmful when are taken in higher doses or combined with drugs or consumed alcohol. Complication can be divided into two groups one is medical, and another one is physical.

In medical consequences opioids, drugs cause low blood pressure, slower breathing, and coma. Sedative and anti-anxiety drugs cause poor memory and slower breathing. Overdose may induce coma or death. Stimulant drugs cause dangerously high blood temperature, heart problems, seizures, hallucination, aggressiveness, etc.

These drugs stimulate the brain’s reward center result from by developing physical dependence and addiction. People who have tolerance need the higher dose for the activity.There are available treatments for counteracting by using non-addictive medications that can help interfere the symptoms of prescription drug addiction and regain control. The user may enter into a drug treatment facility and take the contribute to getting over with withdrawal symptoms may rise again into the new life. Counteracting the drug addiction is not a short process. It consists of two stages such as detoxification and rehabilitation. The first step in rehab to wean the patient slowly off the drugs. This process run till the dose is so low that complete withdrawal is no longer causes painful by using less addictive drugs at a decreasing amount of narcotics or derivatives under the same class.

When the first step is done, then the user is ready to undergo in second stages by entering into a prescription drug abuse rehabilitation facility. The service is run toward keeping the user about clear of medication while the user is going into intensive one on one and group therapy session with licensed physicians.

Regrettably, drugs have become the most prominent coping mechanism that people use to deal with life’s problems. It’s vital to remove anything from life which causes clear harms to both mental and physical health. Drug taking becomes a spiritual phenomenon of our society, which is indicating addiction rather than a way to heal or health recovering process. When you are looking for drug redhibition, then you are doing an important thing. But more fact is that you are taking over your life in lieu of letting the drugs to take control upon you. 

Niloy Ranjan Mondal is an undergrad student at department of Pharmacy in East West University, Dhaka Bangladesh. He can be reached at

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