A New Addiction


“Wait! Wait! Don’t start; let me take a snap of these foods to upload on Facebook!” This is just an example of a group of friends who were hanging out in a food cart and they were thinks that sharing photos on social media are more important than eating.
Sounds odd but these kinds of activities like frequently uploading photos, checking out in a place, sharing excess unnecessary activities like watching movies or listening music or feelings something in social media are become very common and frequent in everyday. The more these social networkings sites are getting easy to access in personal life are becoming more in public. It seems like people are getting addicted or abusing this apps instead of doing proper uses.
In this era Facebook or other communication applications, such as Instagram, Twitter, and WhatsApp become an efficient part of our everyday life indeed. All these applications enable interaction with other people; effectively interaction is a main characteristic of these as part of social media and it’s really hard to find a person who’s not using these apps. The easy access and the increasing use of smartphones enhance the popularity of social networking sites. There is a growing amount of individuals suffering diminished control over their use of online communication applications which leads to diverse negative consequences in offline life.
People who crave attention, Facebook and other social network become a venue for them to act out. These people may make inappropriate statements, pictures and videos to establish a profile in front of the world which they believe is very important and are making them cool. By the time they just forget that, the posts and materials that are published online tend to be permanent and may haunt them in the future. Anyone can take an advantage of these things. There is a proverb nowadays “Once you put it on the internet, it’s there FOREVER”. This is why it is important not to post personal photos or put very personal information on the internet; that might call a problem for you in future. There might be a threat of a photo or personal information being used on a website without your consent or knowledge.
Many studies have also shown that there are no spelling and grammar rules while texting or posting something for makes things easy. In fact it is found cool to misspell and not make sense. Which diminishing the proper way spelling or grammatical terms specially on children. They find it hard to differentiate between social networking communication and real world communication. In fact many teachers are complaining that social networking communication with misspelling or short spelling and lack of grammar are seen in students’ school writings.

Social media habits are also blamed for lack of sleep and sleep problems in teenagers. Bright light emitted from smart phones and tablets are thought to disrupt sleep cycles. For young people sleep is important for learning, the development of the young brain, as well as for growing and staying healthy.
Social networking sites making people more self-centered specially the children and teenagers because they found this more interesting then the real life stuffs. Since Facebook and other sites give children or teenagers their own page which is about them, it leads some vulnerable kids to think that everything revolves around them, a precursor for emotional problems in their later life. This might also result in inability to empathize.
But I’m acutely aware that the possibility of fraud is even more prevalent in today’s world because of these sites and the opportunity for instant communication with strangers. We are making friends easily just by accepting a friend request without knowing them properly. We are letting someone into our life that we don’t even know. This is huge chance for the fraud people and can take photos and use them without consent or hack accounts and use information, including photos, to blackmail us. They can even play with our emotions also.
In a nut shell, revolutionized by the technological enhancements and with increasing aspects of social media and networking, sometime we are getting somewhat trapped into it for our own activities! But it ups to us that how we use it. We should not get addicted to it.
Why we always draw an image of drug, when thinking the about addiction? Com’on, addition is not only a matter of drugs; it’s a matter of yours. Think twice, whether you want make yourself leaded by you or get addicted by a media without even noticing that.

Fahmida Nasrin is a student of Department of Pharmacy of University of Asia Pacific. She can be reached at fahmida.nasrin.27@gmail.com

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