The Benefits of Conserving Energy


Energy is everywhere. It is possible to find energy in the air, in the water, in the fire, in the land, in the sun, in the plant, in the atom, in the galaxy and inside organism systems. Energy has various forms and is necessarily required in our daily life for home, work, transportation and Industry. Heating or cooling some water, powering electric appliances, driving cars and manufacturing the products are all examples of using energy that we need continuously if it is protected in a right way.

Recently, there was a power failure in my city. In the darkness, it was difficult to move, to watch TV and also it was unable to keep fresh food in the refrigerator. Basically, we almost cannot do anything. The simple things in our lives that we take for granted become precious. That time, I reminded of a simple advice, “Turn off the light!” We have heard it many times; however, few people consider why it is necessary and where electricity comes from. The act of pushing the power electricity button provides a lot of comfort to us, but most of times do not let us recognize the consequences for house and environment. Every year, the amount of energy that we use has increased and wasted not by using it in a wise way. Wasting energy will lead us to spend more money and have a detrimental impact on the environment.

Why do we need to conserve energy? First of all, fossil fuels that mostly we use as energy source are not renewable. Once we use them up, they will be disappeared. Depletion of coal, oil and natural gas make most vehicles stop working and have no electricity in the buildings or houses. The entire human activity can become to a standstill. Secondly, most form of energy can pollute the environment, which also creates health problems. Although solar power is a renewable source, the production of its panel causes pollution. It is needless to say that the burning coal creates air pollution and the air mixed rain pollutes the soil as well. It is necessary that people become aware of their energy consumption in which they are responsible for. However, people do not know the values and gains of conserving energy.

The generation of this new century should create strategies to conserve energy. This is a challenge, but it is totally possible to be overcome and so, build up a sustainable world.

How can we lead people’s behavior to significant energy savings? Simple changes or a few daily actions are enough to bring the positive result.  Those changes can only happen when people are aware of what they can do, what they can have by conserving energy. If people are guided in a proper way, they will continue their efforts to achieve the energy savings. Therefore, relevant campaigns are important methods to motivate people.

We have seen many kinds of movies under the theme of the future of environment, global warming, climate change and the planet. In the film, Mad Max: Fury Road, 2015 an environmental nightmare is described; climate change, deforestation, water shortages.

When I saw it, I felt truly afraid of near future that our descendant might face and have to go through. In fact, there is an interesting research about energy – in study at University of California, Los Angeles. People are motivational to save energy for health and environmental benefits more than due to economic reason. We want to live in better places and stay healthy with family. Therefore, demonstrating detail information about benefits in financial and environmental value or actions for reducing energy use can be efficient.

For instance, by using bicycle, there are less releasing of toxic gases to the atmosphere and, as a consequence, there are fewer chances to get diseases associates with those gases.  Also, taking simple actions around home such as turning off electronic devices when not using and washing dishes with cold water instead of hot water will provide us with an opportunity to save significant amount of money. Moreover, there is a financial rewards that the municipal town hall authorities gives a public transportation or restaurant credit card for the 10% of the total population of the city to people who have the less electricity bill taxes during the month.

I encountered the blackout in my city but in near future I might live in the environmentally degraded world like the movie Mad Max. It is important to realize that we can take actions in our daily life even at home, which will drive massive change. If we keep continuing energy-awareness campaign as our regular routine, the best result will be followed and our future will be hopeful.

Luiz Bispo is a student of University of Sao Paulo – ESALQ. He is an climate activist from Brazil. He can be reached at

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