Take Care of Body Language to Take Care of Career


If I have to name three very important qualities that are important for achieving success in professional life, regardless you are a doctor or software professional or a military officer, body languages will be surely one of them. But often this important virtue is ignored. Mastering body language will skyrocket your acceptance rate.
The goal of this article is not let you know about body language. One article is never enough for this. The goal of this article is to make you conscious about it and suggest you some ways to master it.

What is body language?

Generally, body language denotes non-verbal communication like how you stand, how you use your palms and fingers, eye contacts, your leg placement and etc. We often emphasize on our words but our body language is much more important than words. All the researchers show that if our body languages contradict with our words, people will disbelieve us. Where and how you place your hands during a meeting will upgrade or degrade your position on that meeting. You can influence others just through eye contacts and voice of your tone. Researchers also show that your non-verbal activities may influence the success of your presentation up to 93% (knowledge is 7%!!). All the charismatic leaders have/had extraordinary body languages, their body language is their charisma in many a case.

Importance of body language in Career

Often we hear about some guys who are awesome, wherever they go, they get easily noticed and appreciated. There are a number of factors behind this awesomeness, one of the main factors is body language. Your body language shapes you. If you are originally a nervous person but you always show or fake the confident body languages, you will eventually become a confident one! The reason behind is that when I stand like an alpha male (positive body language) or when we make other confident positive postures, these postures also release some hormones which make us more confident, relaxed and energetic. Positive body language can help you in career in numerous ways; I am going to mention only some of those:

  • Establish yourself among your co-workers as a confident and reliable professional
  • Crack the job interviews
  • Winning sales and negotiation
  • Influence and Attract coworkers as well as friends
  • Take extraordinary presentations
  • Perform excellent in meetings
  • Practically increasing your confidence and energy level

I can make a miles-long list, but I hope you get the idea.

Some important aspects of Body Language

  • Handshake
  • How you walk
  • How you stand
  • How you sit
  • Your voice tone
  • Movement and placement of your hands and legs
  • Eye contacts and etc.

Who learn body language

Actually consciously or subconsciously every human being learns body language to some extent. Some people have natural skills; some people need to master it. This skill can be achieved through knowledge and practice. Usually, politicians and top executives are trained in this regard. Lots of young professionals also take courses on body languages. You can spend a good amount of money to learn about body language. But as a starter, I suggest you to start learning it by yourself.

How we can learn body language

There are a number of excellent free articles and videos on how to learn body language. I recommend the followings for now:

  • All of Allan Pease video lectures
  • All of Vanessa Van Edwards video lectures
  • National Geographic Video on Alpha Male
  • Book: The definitive book of body language by Allan Pease

Of course, there are other cool materials to learn this on internet; you can choose anything as you want.

After learning the rules, we need to practice a lot. Some will find it easy if s/he is already an alpha person. But for the most of the people, it will be challenging at first as generally, we are not alphas.

Arafat Ibn Sultan Riyadh is a seasoned product and project management professional and an agile coach. Moreover, he is a career counselor and motivational speaker. He is currently serving as the Product Manager at Bdjobs.com Ltd. He is cofounder and Strategic Consultant NWIT and Strategic Consultant Activation Ltd. He can be reached at arafatmist@gmail.com

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