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While we have many days to celebrate like Environment day, Earth Day, Water Day, No Tobacco Day, Car free day, International Youth Day etc and we try to be a part of them but besides these important days, everyone has their own special day like our birthdays. As a responsible inhabitant of this planet, I feel, everyone should celebrate their birthdays in an eco-friendly way. Yes, I am talking about Birthday Plantation which is the best way to have green celebration on special days like birthdays or anniversaries.

We all know that global warming is at its peak and is showing its worst consequences in form of increasing disasters like frequent earthquakes/hurricanes/floods/droughts etc. It has reached such an alarming state that we don’t have time to think, we need to act NOW NOW.

Trees are the lifelines or lungs of Earth. They are the best creation of GOD and provide benefits not only for environment but also for humans. Trees are one of the most efficient ways to combat climate change and global warming. It would be a big positive move towards environment protection if we all start planting birthday trees/ anniversary trees and help promote this idea till it becomes the most trending thing.

World population is reaching 7 billion. Imagine, if each of us plant a tree/sapling on our birthday alone, this world will much greener and purer with 7 billion trees in a year. And if parents or elders or married couple do the same on their wedding anniversaries as well, it will be icing on the cake. I plant trees on my birthdays and this year onwards we have started this for my parents’ wedding anniversary as well.

Imagine if parents plant a tree when their new born child is born, take his picture with the tree every year on his birthday. This way watch the tree growing with your child and build a green future. I wish if people start this tradition and make this world a much better and greener place to live for all of us. Change has to begin from us so whoever is reading it, make it a practice to plant a tree from your next birthday onwards and spread the word around till all 7 billion people of this world have at least one tree each.

Arushi Madan is a student of Electronic & Electrical Engineering of University of Birmingham, UK. She is an environmental activist and working on different climate issues and creating awareness to reduce environmental pollution. Besides she has been working as a Regional Ambassador of Tunza Eco- Generation. She can be reached at

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  3. This piece was a lifjeacket that saved me from drowning.

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