Serial Killer: The Hidden Mystery of Science!


Young generation is accustomed with the terms “serial killer” and “psychopath” because of various movies and TV series based on these characters. These killers are often addressed as the most dangerous characters on earth. Researches indicate that serial killers may have the most harmless look and who can go on to any extend to commit all kinds of immoral activities starting from torture to rape and ends with unmerciful killing. But the major point to be focused is that do they become serial killers because of moral degradation or there is any mysterious influence of science behind the character?

Dr. Helen Morrison has interviewed over 135 serial killers all around the world and has come to a conclusion that no country is immune to serial killers. She found that all the serial killers irrespective of their ethnicity, religion, society, financial condition, family background; possess the same mentality. Chromosomal abnormality has also been observed in the genes of the killers. This abnormality starts exposing itself when a person hits puberty, specially a man! And during this time, the killers start becoming homicidal and mostly they kill the victims at their first stages of puberty.

As we all know serial killers are out of mercy and having no emotion to think about the lives of victims. After killing they do not feel any sort of guilt, regret or any kind of moral dilemma about their deeds. It leads them to do further experiments on their victims after killing them. Some try necrophilia, some become cannibal by eating the flesh, skin even lungs; some preserve their body parts or organs as hobby. Experiments are going on because the part of the brain that manages the emotional state of a human being has a slight different structure in a serial killer than that of a normal person.

Adrian Raine, Professor of criminology, psychiatry and psychology in the University of Pennsylvania has discussed about the anomalies of the structure of the brain of the serial killers. His experiment ended with the result that they have a shrunken ventromedial cortex, which is responsible for the abilities of decision making. It is thought that the shrunken structure is an indication of the killers to behave in ways where they are incapable of making moral decisions.

There are some interesting facts about serial killers. They are generally men and the number of women being a serial killer is very less. Most of them have an abusing childhood where either they were harassed physically, sexually or mentally. Serial killers who are men appear to be very charming and charismatic which make their victims go head over hills for them or feel safe around them. They are very calm and quiet in their appearances. It becomes very difficult for the law enforcement to identify serial killers because they keep their works clean and the issue is not in physical rather hidden in the deep of brain.

Organized killer, disorganized killer and medical killer are the various kinds of serial killers according to Crime Museum. The organized killers are very difficult to identify because all of their plans are arranged preciously. They are too smart to do everything to keep their crimes in the dark. They are much planned in their works. On the other hand, the disorganized killers are those who do not plan their killings. They just grab an opportunity of killing anyone whenever they can and flee away to save themselves from being captured. They are not cautious about their works. The medical killers are very rare but there have been some doctors in the past who have killed dozens of patients and made them appear as natural deaths so that they will not be blamed for the murders. They easily take the chance of being a medical official and pursue their nastiest activities.

Serial killers are such people who need continuous monitoring and treatment if possible. Psychotherapy is provided but this does not help much as they are reluctant to be communicative. Most of the time, treatment, punishment and rehabilitation do not work. Death penalty becomes inevitable because their crimes are not forgivable by the law.

It’s not that easy to understand that the person sitting beside you aren’t a serial killer. At the same time it’s not a so emerging issue so that govt. will enforce highly regulated law to find these psychopaths. Though these are so rare but it is not vanished from the society. So let know the science behind this incidence and be safe cause hazard doesn’t come with notice!

Tahiya Islam completed her graduation under Department of Pharmacy, East West University. She is a student correspondent at Association of Life Science and Engineering Writers (ALSEW). Tahiya can be reached at

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